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July 28, 2008


edit: So now that I am home and drinking (drunk) I will elaborate on this, my submission. 2 things that the astute listener may note: firstly, that I have broken my “no guitars” policy and secondly, that the lyrics are mushy and sort of girl-related. On the use of guitars, I blame New Order mostly. I have been listening to “Temptation” and “Ceremony” almost nonstop as of late and I have finally decided that guitars are not that horrible after all. This is also part of a broader sea-change that I am enacting in my own self in which I attempt to stop defining my tastes in the negative. Thus, crappy guitar riffage. Sorry. Secondly, with regards to the mush-headed nature of the lyrics, I blame myself and Stag equally. To whit; The Stag and I have had several conversations centering on the allure of sloppiness in the gentler sex. I refer to it as sloppiness, S. Stag refers to it as insouciance. Whatever the terminology may be, we have been debating whether or not dirty glasses enhance or detract from a girl’s attractiveness–ditto crappy tattoos, athletic socks, weird hair, unkemptness in general. It was clear to me that leg bruising fit into this debate. Thus, I tried to envision a love-type scenario wherein the leg bruising of the female protagonist would function as a metonymy/synecdoche for the entire suite of sloppiness/sexiness that Stag and I were debating and which we Austinites are so familiar with. I hope you enjoy this track, it was made in my Dad’s living room in the beautiful environs of Redondo Beach California. The next track will be composed entirely on my cell-phone in Brazil, more on that later.


25 Things That I Thought About Yesterday

June 27, 2008

Here are my nominations for possible challenges:

*fat girlfriend
*wizard hat
*paternity test
*Bad Brains
*animal husbandry
*subprime mortgage crisis
*the plague
*sendero luminoso
*ailments of the skin
*overcoming impossible odds to achieve your dreams
*leg bruising
*cover of any 3rd wave ska song (aquabats, reel big fish, mighty mighty bosstones, etc.)
*inspiring, spiritually uplifting song of non-denominational nature (aka a George Harrison song)
*grocery store
*song from organ’s POV (bodily organ)
*racist crazy homeless lady

Its bizarre how much overlap there was between my initial list and S. Stag’s.

A Remarkably Cheerful Tale of a Horrendous Death at Sea

June 27, 2008

Hey interneeeeeeetttttttttttttt…

Here is Sexfizzy’s first entry: It’s called A Remarkably Cheerful Tale of a Horrendous Death at Sea. Listen to it, cry, dry your tears with your own hair, listen to it again and then vote at dudesdudesdudes at gmail dot com. Just put “sexface” or arroyo in the title line. The same goes for spacestag’s jam, which is making Bill Calahan soooooo jealous right now. Watch out waif-y indie rock songstresses…spacestag is coming for your vintage panties!