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25 Things That I Thought About Yesterday

June 27, 2008

Here are my nominations for possible challenges:

*fat girlfriend
*wizard hat
*paternity test
*Bad Brains
*animal husbandry
*subprime mortgage crisis
*the plague
*sendero luminoso
*ailments of the skin
*overcoming impossible odds to achieve your dreams
*leg bruising
*cover of any 3rd wave ska song (aquabats, reel big fish, mighty mighty bosstones, etc.)
*inspiring, spiritually uplifting song of non-denominational nature (aka a George Harrison song)
*grocery store
*song from organ’s POV (bodily organ)
*racist crazy homeless lady

Its bizarre how much overlap there was between my initial list and S. Stag’s.


Question: Why Are You Here?

June 26, 2008

Some months back Snack and I got the idea that we would start a duo (bass and accordion) called DUDES and play songs with titles like “Hey Ryan, Let’s Get Girlfriends With Cool Haircuts.” Ideally, we would have 0 web presence and only record cassette tapes. Unfortunately, fate intervened in the form of our burgeoning rap careers and our mutual laziness. We had one rehearsal and we pretty much just smoked cigarettes and enthused about Brazilian psych music (Tom Zé!). Fast forward to now and Ryan is moving to Williamsburg to turn the apparel world on its head by starting a retail store which only sells blank, colored shirts and other hipster-lifestyle accoutrements. Genius. I am still in grad school, marginally employed and spending a lot of time on the internet. That was the situation as of last week. Then, in a completely unrelated stroke of tard-genius I got the idea to write a song about sailing. This is especially odd since I have been sailing like once and I don’t like fishing. When it was almost done I sat at my computer and assured myself that surely this was the best song about sailing written in the last two weeks. There was only one way to find out: to challenge Snackface aka RPY aka P to write a superior song about sailing. This idea, together with our renewed interest in talking mad shit (wiffle ball), spurred us to resurrect the DUDES project in the form of a song writing competition. To whit:

1) Every two weeks a subject will be chosen at random by a super-advanced computar program that we will talk about in a few days. At the end of thos 2 weeks, the songs will be uploaded to the blog and the voting period will last the next 2 weeks and so on.

2) Everyone is encouraged to vote. Votes will be sent to a neutral 3rd party S.E. Smith @ dudesdudesdudes at who will tally them without informing us of the totals. Our egos are very fragile.

3) Songs must be primarily written and vocalized by the contestant. Otherwise, anything goes–bring in the fucking Polyphonic Spree if you want.

4) Songs must be over 1 minute long.

5) The prize/consequences of teh competition have yet to be determined. Stay posted

I am tired of writing, so I am going to stop now.
I love you.