Yeah, yeah, everybody wants to know. Well. Here you go, pals:

The spirit is strong.

The spirit is strong.

A job well done, Agrestive! I can’t help but wonder if all of this alleged “coming weak in the production game” isn’t a hustle of its own, kind of like how rappers pretend they can only sing off-key when it really just sounds better that way (re: “Hey Lady” by Cam’ron feat. Freekey Zekey and everything ever by Biz Markie). Anyway, enjoy the spoils of victory, for this week they are all yours.

I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t wait for the leg bruising songs to hit the blog. It seems like the dudes have found this challenge truly challenging. On Thursday I asked Space Stag how it was going, and instead of answering in a verbal way, he ripped his short shorts up the back to show me a really sweet leg bruise he had recently picked up. Then he ripped up the other side of his short shorts, I guess because symmetry is beautiful.

In any case, I think this next challenge topic will probably be a little less of a stretch for the dudes, because the topic is “penises: flaccid.” (Please note: I’m not making any kind of dig on anybody’s masculinity, but I’m pretty sure none of you all are sporting ragin’ boners 24-7. Unless you are, in which case, congratulations, and good luck with this week’s song.)



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  1. Medicine Bag Says:


    I don’t know if y’all are waiting on me for the next round of entries, but my mp3 is currently in the hands of my backing pianist… if i don’t get it back soon i’ll just put up the single track recording.

  2. Sexfizzy Says:

    I salute you Magresta. I also salute S.E. who is stepping the game up in a huge way in these results posts. I apologize for my tardiness…I have been on internet detox for the last week, which means I have also been avoiding my computer, which just happens to also be my main compositional tool. It is also, coincidentally, my major porn tool.

  3. I am boss of dudesdudesdudes « On Not Having Says:

    […] boss of dudesdudesdudes Posted on July 27, 2008 by Michael Agresta I am this week’s reigning champion in the online songwriting battle royale.  High five to Bizness Casual for the photoshop […]

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