My song



I am coming a little weak production-wise this time (again.)  Next time I promise to roll out some tricks with some home recording software.  This week I downloaded some program Sexfizzy recommended, probably because he is a diabolical competitor, and I think it might have had a role in crashing my computer for about two days.  Now I’m resurrected, though, and I guarantee i will not do single track vocals & acoustic guitar forever.

This is by no means a caveat on the quality of the actual song (see my opinions on the punk rock aesthetic v. disco/wankery debate, whenever i get around to explaining them, or the patent wrongness of Sexfizzy’s and the Stag’s viewpoints.)  No, the abstract ideal of this song rules. Which is how it earned its Neoplatonist title:

City of God


One Response to “My song”

  1. Sexfizzy Says:

    I swear to the Oversoul that I didn’t mean to crash your computer. Now you know, though, that stakes is high…

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