New Songs/Old Things to Bitch About


First off: I would like to present to yall the contribution of our reigning champion, Space Stag. Dude is on his game right now. I reproduce here the email that he sent me–apparently dude’s internet connection is sketchy at the moment. I ask you to take my magnanimity in account while voting on your favorite song (DUDESDUDESDUDES AT GMAIL DOT COM):

Space Stag is hidden deep in the woods of Northern Virginia. He did,
however, manage to find an abandoned piano and baritone ukulele, which
he had access to for an hour (really). This is what came out of it. He
apologizes to God, mostly. But also to you, dear listeners.
Presenting, “Enactment of the Thousand Names of His Revelation,” with
a tip of the hat to Cat Stevens, the Animal Collective, and Pope
Benedict XVI.

Space Stag’s quest for Oberst’s left over groupie-tang continues.

Secondly: I submit to you my track, entitled “Praise Be Unto You, and Praise Be Unto Your Infinite Modes of Expression” While I know that I should at some point include some sort of self-deprecatory remark about the song’s quality and all that I will refrain–mostly because I have contracted some sort of mystery stomach ailment. As a result, my life for the last two days has consisted in watching 2 Fast 2 Furious and drinking milkshakes. I will tell you that this song includes: Mike Agresta’s man purse, Kim Cardashian, Making out with G-D and drums that are mixed way too loud.




2 Responses to “New Songs/Old Things to Bitch About”

  1. spacestag Says:

    Oberst? That’s cold. You ARE cantankerous.

  2. Sexfizzy Says:

    Envy, while a mortal sin, also makes one remarkably uncreative in their shit talking. I blame my mysterious intestinal ailment.

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