This is not a real post.


While setting up the blogroll I inadvertently rolled my mouse over the different blog titles and realized there is one of those clairvoyant internet things where it tells you what you most want out of life. Actually, it just gives you words that the internet thinks is indicative of that blog. This further proves my thesis that g.oogle/the whole internet knows more about me than I know about me. Below are the names and the corresponding words.


Stream of Consciousness 
The King 
David Lee

Brain Cancer
Snow Day
Pop Rocks

S.E. Smith-

Cute Girls
ITT Tech
Lil Wayne

Conclusions? P. has us all beat by a fucking longshot, although if I just read this I would think that he might be a little too nostalgic/girly for my taste. Snow-day? Puhleez. I look like a douche in the eyes of the internet/God. While I thought that my real-life personality was dudical, meat head guy tempered by just a hint of twee, blog hipster, the internet has shown me that I am really just a meat head. Maybe a pervert. S.E. Smith is like the opposite of what I thought I was. She has ephemera and eulogies which are both mad twee and poet-y and then she has hankerchief which can either be Morrissey or Young Buck and finally she has boombox. All-star performance. Sedona, though? Hrm. I hope that refers to a cross-over sports utility vehicle. Desert towns are kind of weak. Agresta is on some next level shit that doesn’t make sense to me, but if “David Lee” is “David Lee Roth” than we can totes hang out.


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