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Also about sailing

June 30, 2008

One thing I like about this project is how it makes me appreciate songs on topics I wouldn’t otherwise seek out.  Like this Tom Waits song about sailing, which I accidentally discovered yesterday.  It may not be Styx-worthy, but I bet he lived that shit.


The Archetype

June 29, 2008

Here it is y’all–the ur-spiritually uplifting non-denominational song.

My Sweet Lord

I am too good to y’all.

Ten more Themes

June 29, 2008

Using my scientific generation process:

1)Before the Beach, a compilation of Jimmy Buffett’s songs before he focused his songwriting on vacationing.  The theme here would be “Other Things That Jimmy Buffett Could Teach You.”

2)Christophe Pellessier, early Quebecois industrialist who supported American attempts to annex Quebec.  The complicated early history of American-Quebecois relations would make fascinating song fodder.

3)Pomeroy, Ohio, a town on the Ohio River, the only community in the USA that does not have a four-way intersection.  (I think because it’s too hilly?)

4)The Al Green song Tired Of Being Alone.  The theme here would to be to rewrite this song using none of the original notes, chords, or words.

5)Max Luscher, inventor of the Luscher test, a tool for evaluating people’s psychophysical state based on color preference.  The theme could be the man or the implications of his test.

6)The New York Times Guide to Essential Knowledge

7)Beecham’s pills, a laxative invented in 1842, finally taken off the market in 1998.

8)Ewostatewos, an Ethiopian monk of the 14th century who believed Christians should celebrate the sabbath on both Saturday and Sunday.  Possible inventor of the weekend.

9)Hooker, Oklahoma

10)Pyramus and Thisbe


June 28, 2008

dudesdudesdudes week two

This week’s topic: inspiring, spiritually uplifting song of non-denominational nature (AKA a George Harrison song)

Any questions?

Your Tallymaster

Sailing on TV

June 28, 2008

Like Sexfizzy’s, my initial contribution is a story-song in the American idiom, as told by the anonymous person who developed competitive sailboat racing for a home audience. It follows the four-act structure for a tale of invention: the first flowering of an idea, the rolling-up of sleeves and greasing of elbows to give the idea shape, the despair at a seemingly insurmountable challenge, and, finally, the joyous overcoming of the final roadblock so that the fruits of one’s ingenuity can be enjoyed by all.

I put this in .wav format, so those of you Windows 3.0 users who haven’t been able to play the other guys’ songs will still be able to enjoy mine. It also proves beyond doubt that this virtuosic performance was actually recorded in a single take.


I’m just down the street, coming to crash your party

June 28, 2008

I’m about to get all up in the middle of this soon with a latecoming sea shanty.  In the meantime, theme-wise, I wanted to point out an awesome procrastination tool I just discovered this morning.  On Wikipedia, on the left sidebar, there’s a link that takes you to a “Random Article.”

I will now click it five times:

1)Bette Greene, author of Summer of My German Soldier

2)A list of famous Yemenis

3)Fred Cook, defensive end for the Baltimore Colts 1974-1980

4)The Valea Mare River, tributary of the Apa Rosie River in Romania

5)The UK driving test

I think probably John Darnielle uses this all the time.

25 Things That I Thought About Yesterday

June 27, 2008

Here are my nominations for possible challenges:

*fat girlfriend
*wizard hat
*paternity test
*Bad Brains
*animal husbandry
*subprime mortgage crisis
*the plague
*sendero luminoso
*ailments of the skin
*overcoming impossible odds to achieve your dreams
*leg bruising
*cover of any 3rd wave ska song (aquabats, reel big fish, mighty mighty bosstones, etc.)
*inspiring, spiritually uplifting song of non-denominational nature (aka a George Harrison song)
*grocery store
*song from organ’s POV (bodily organ)
*racist crazy homeless lady

Its bizarre how much overlap there was between my initial list and S. Stag’s.

Mechanics and Lists

June 27, 2008

Just to clarify Sexface’s mumbling, you can vote for your favorite song by sending an email to dudesdudesdudes at that google email service, where your vote will be tabulated by our special team of tabulators. We call them the “Razas” because they’re blank, impartial. The Tabulator Razas.


I understand if you vote for Sexface’s jam; it’s already got like 18 plays on my ITunes. He’s still a long way behind Will Oldham and The Fall on the 25 Most Played Songs playlist, but maybe if he really believes in himself and improves his sax chops enough, everyone will like him.

The other thing is that the theme for the song is selected by these same TRs from a list of 50 things to write songs about: 25 from me, 25 from Sex. Here’s my list. Watch yourself.

*penises, erect
*beaks (the bird part)
*John C. Calhoun
*the crystal fountain
*an upset stomach
*your first girlfriend (or, at least, it has to be about a girl with her name)
*merry christmas
*your sister
*nuclear control
*penises, flaccid
*there are rumors of war in the west
*laying one’s body down
*sandy beach
*a theme song for a television show starring sarah michelle gellar where she is a nurse and a struggling single mom
*hang out until you die


A Remarkably Cheerful Tale of a Horrendous Death at Sea

June 27, 2008

Hey interneeeeeeetttttttttttttt…

Here is Sexfizzy’s first entry: It’s called A Remarkably Cheerful Tale of a Horrendous Death at Sea. Listen to it, cry, dry your tears with your own hair, listen to it again and then vote at dudesdudesdudes at gmail dot com. Just put “sexface” or arroyo in the title line. The same goes for spacestag’s jam, which is making Bill Calahan soooooo jealous right now. Watch out waif-y indie rock songstresses…spacestag is coming for your vintage panties!


June 27, 2008

The gauntlet has been thrown. The gauntlet, or the most delicate lace glove.

Challenge #1: Sailing

“Sea Snake in the Country”

from the album “Among Friends”

Space Stag 2008